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Powering Up: Essential Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips for EV Owners

Maintaining electric vehicles (EVs) differs significantly from traditional gasoline-powered cars,
presenting a new learning curve for many owners. We can help you explore key maintenance tips for electric vehicles to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

Battery Care is Paramount

Unlike internal combustion engines, EVs rely on lithium-ion batteries that require specific conditions to operate efficiently. It’s crucial to maintain the battery charge between 20% and 80% to maximize its lifespan and avoid extremes in temperature, which can degrade battery health.


All Aboard the Powertrain

The simplicity of the EV powertrain means fewer moving parts, which reduces the frequency
of mechanical repairs. However, it’s essential to regularly check and maintain the brakes, tires, and suspension to compensate for the additional weight of the batteries. This is best done at a certified repair shop like Cetus Automotive Repair!


Vehicle Software

Thirdly, software updates are a significant aspect of EV maintenance. These updates can enhance battery management systems, improve vehicle efficiency, and even boost performance. Ensuring your vehicle’s software is up-to-date can often be done remotely and is a simple step to maintain its technology edge.


Stick to the Maintenance Program

Lastly, although EVs require less routine maintenance, it’s still important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Regular checks by professionals will help diagnose issues before they become problematic, ensuring that your EV remains reliable, efficient, and enjoyable to drive.


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