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Direct Injected Gas/Petrol Mechanics in Calgary

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Services

Gasoline Direct Injection Services

Rapid Adoption

Gasoline Direct Injection or GDI has seen rapid adoption by the automotive industry over the last several years. This is in lieu of multipoint fuel injection systems which bring advantages in fuel efficiency and reduced emission levels. Although this has been in engines for several years, engine builders are seeing issues caused by these systems as well as many facts and fictions surrounding why these problems exist and how to solve them.

Here are some facts your valve makes contact with the seat, it cools through heat transfer. The water jackets around the seat pull the BTUs out of the valve. These valves are running hot, so when oil droplets come through the intake port and pass through the cylinder head they’ll stick to the backside of the intake valve. That starts to build up layers and it’s not just a layer of ash or goo. It almost turns into something like a lava rock and it will be surrounded with a greasy slime, which traps dirt.

Here are a few ways we can help get the power back in your vehicle and keep the engine running clean

  1. Regular GDI intake system cleaning helps reduce the amount of buildup on the intake and valves as well as cleans ring lands on the pistons.
  2. A hot engine flush will help restore the engine compression by cleaning the rings and pistons on the oil side.
  3. If you have gone too far without the maintenance required we can remove the intake manifold and clean it as well as walnut blast the intake valves from the back side.

What is walnut blasting?

Walnut blasting is a way of cleaning the intake manifold and valves of an engine. Using a high pressure air blast of finely crushed walnut shells (a biodegradable abrasive). Walnut blasting is used to help clear out carbon buildup on older gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines, thus helping the car run better.

Let us know if you have further questions or would like to book an appointment to get this service, we are here to help.


Manufacturer’s Warranty + Technical Service Bulletins

At Cetus, our shops are equipped with the latest technology that enables us to communicate with all of the manufacturers. We are well informed with all manufacturers’ recalls and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), to ensure that we do not repair parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Quality Parts

We ensure the installed parts are of the highest quality and meet OEM standards.

Quality Personnel

All of our licensed technicians are registered in the Province of Alberta and undergo continuous training in order to meet the requirements of the industry.

Preventative Maintenance Program

At Cetus, we can develop a personalized preventative maintenance program to satisfy your needs. You will find that we can look after the tedious scheduling of vehicle maintenance and reduce your overall repair costs by reducing untimely and inconvenient breakdowns.

All Work is Estimated and Authorized

Before we do any repairs to your vehicle, an estimation of time and cost is authorized by you to eliminate any uncertainty of scheduling and surprise costs.


All our work is guaranteed for 1 year or 20,000 km. CETUS is a Napa Auto Pro Facility.

Financing Available

Upon authorization from our credit department, all work can be done through financing. This convenience allows you the luxury of getting your car fixed, right when you need it.

On-line Vehicle Work

History Available At Cetus we maintain a record of all of the work done on your vehicles. At any time we can provide you with a report and an analysis showing repair trends for any vehicle, which has been serviced by us.

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