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Calgary Wheel Alignment Services

A properly aligned vehicle is paramount

Making sure that your wheels are aligned correctly is one of the most important things you can do to properly care for your tires. A poorly aligned car will unevenly wear your tires more often than normal. If left uncorrected, you may need to buy new tires much sooner than anticipated! Our certified service team will take care of your wheel alignment service that could extend the life of your tires.

The actual alignment itself doesn’t just involve the wheels or tires, it includes adjusting the vehicle’s suspension systems. Our technicians are pros and can adjust these sophisticated systems so that your car drives with precision. Here is a list of a few things which may be signs that you need an alignment:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Drifting to one side or another on the road while driving straight 🛣
  • Vibration and/or looseness in the steering wheel

Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, you may still need to get the wheels aligned as part of your warranty agreement.

At Cetus we will perform a front end inspection to make sure all your suspension components are within specification and adjust the suspension so your car tracks straight down the road with no pulls saving your tires from undue wear.

Let us know if you have further questions or would like to book an appointment, we are here to help. 



At Cetus, our shops are equipped with the latest technology that enables us to communicate with all of the manufacturers. We are well informed with all manufacturers’ recalls and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), to ensure that we do not repair parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


We ensure the installed parts are of the highest quality and that they meet OEM standards.


All of our licensed technicians are registered in the Province of Alberta and undergo continuous training in order to meet the requirements of the industry.


At Cetus, we can develop a personalized preventative maintenance program to satisfy your needs. You will find that we can look after the tedious scheduling of vehicle maintenance and reduce your overall repair costs by reducing untimely and inconvenient breakdowns.


Before we do any repairs to your vehicle, an estimation of time and cost is authorized by you to eliminate any uncertainty of scheduling and surprise costs.


All our work is guaranteed for 1 year or 20,000 km. CETUS is a Napa Auto Pro Facility.


Upon authorization from our credit department, all work can be done through financing. This convenience allows you the luxury of getting your car fixed, right when you need it.


History Available At Cetus we maintain a record of all of the work done on your vehicles. At any time we can provide you with a report and an analysis showing repair trends for any vehicle, which has been serviced by us.


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