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Where to go in Calgary for a Cam Phaser System Delete / Lockout




How does the system work?

The ford 5.4 SOHC (Single Over Head Cam) variable valve timing system uses oil pressure to control the position of the camshaft by directing the oil pressure to the camshaft phaser, this turns the position of the camshaft to the desired location.

The computer controls the position of the camshaft by adjusting the amount of oil traveling through a camshaft phaser solenoid to the camshaft phaser and reading the position camshaft sensor.

Why do the camshaft phaser systems fail?

The camshaft phaser system depends on minimum oil pressure of 25 PSI to control the phaser system.

As the engine wears over time the oil pressure weakens and the computer cannot properly control the phaser. This is when we get a situation where the phaser is floating out of control. This then results in the noise we hear (phaser rattle, knocking, or ticking) and usually the check engine light turns on and registers codes “P0011 and P0022 Bank 1 and 2 camshaft position issue.”

How can we fix the issue?

This is where it gets tricky!!

Our procedure at Cetus is a little different than most shops and we want to explain why. The first part is simple, the main cause of failure is oil pressure loss. How low can the oil pressure get and still be able to support the rest of the engine components properly??

Well we are glad you asked that important question!!

The oil pressure on most engines is 10-15 psi at idle. This is enough to provide oil pressure to all the crankshaft bearings and valve lifters without issue. So our first step is to check oil pressure, we will hook a manual gauge to your engine and check your engine to make sure it will be okay.

If the oil pressure does not meet this requirement we would recommend an engine overhaul. We realize this may not be the best news but we want to ensure you are spending your money wisely. Cetus automotive performs this service in-house, saving you time and money as we have a full automotive machine shop on-site here in Calgary.

If the oil pressure is good we will recommend removing the valve covers to check the timing chain guides. When the phaser gets the dreaded “rattle”, the timing chain gets a lot of extra stress put on it. This can cause the guide damage due to the chain slapping around. This tends to break the timing chain guides if left for too long. We will pull the valve covers and check to see if the guides are broken and/or need to be replaced.

This is the point where we can assess how we will perform the phaser lockout:

1. If the guides are not broken we can lock the timing chain tensioner in place and remove the camshaft-phasers. Then install an aluminum block inside the factory phaser to lock it in its correct position. We would then reassemble the engine and program your computer to not use the variable valve timing.

2. If the guides are found to be broken we would recommend removing the timing chain and replacing all the timing chain components. While the phasers are removed we will lock them out and then reassemble the engine and program your computer to not use the variable valve timing.

Let us know if you have further questions or would like to book an appointment, we are here to help. 


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