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p0299 under boost code

Audi or VW with under boost code


Does your Audi or VW have an engine  P0299 under boost code?

Before you invest in a costly repair to replace your turbo, consider getting the turbo repaired here at Cetus Auto Repair in Calgary first! We have an effective approach to repair your Audi/VW turbo charger that could save you thousands of dollars.

What is wrong with my turbo in the first place?

We see one issue, over and over and that is the most common issue when it comes to these turbo chargers. The issue is caused over time as the waste gate valve and the actuator will wear out inside of the turbo. This means that their is not enough boost being produced from this turbo and therefore causes the under boost code. 

What can I do to fix my turbo?

With our experience repairing thousands of vehicles each year, there are only two approaches to this repair we recommend. One repair is to replace the turbo entirely which is standard practice for most automotive repair shops and will cost thousands of dollars more than the second option which we recommend and that is to replace the waste gate valve and the actuator. Choosing the second option here with us at Cetus Automotive will save you thousands of dollars on this costly repair. And have the same performance.

We have parts in stock to replace these pieces and do this repair today to get your turbo back up to optimum pressure. 

Give us a call at 403-235-2912 and we can discuss the process further and book you an appointment today!

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