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3 Facts About Winter Tires

3 Facts About Winter Tires

        Like a squirrel gathering nuts before the snow falls, you're preparing your vehicle for winter. You may consider winter tires an unnecessary expense, but they're much more than just an accessory. They provide better traction, braking, and handling in cold conditions - not just snow. The secret lies in their special rubber compound, unique tread design, and deeper grooves. Stick around to unravel these three fascinating facts about winter tires, and understand why they're your best ally for safe winter driving. Understanding Winter Tires In order to fully understand winter tires, you've got to grasp the unique features that set them apart from their all-season counterparts. Winter tires, or snow tires, are specifically designed to perform in cold, snowy, or icy conditions. They're made from a softer rubber compound that stays flexible even in freezing temperatures. This suppleness allows them to maintain better contact with the road ... read more


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